Tips for Provisioning for a Long Sailing Trip

Provisioning a sailing boat is the most overwhelming task when you are preparing for a long trip. Stocking sufficient food, water, and other essentials is necessary to survive on the sea. If you have managed to do all this efficiently, there is no chance that you will not make it a successful and enjoyable trip, even if it is your first one. The following tips will guide you to have a greater chance of fruitful provisioning.

Make a plan

Handle your sailing trip preparation like a project if you want to enjoy the adventure. Consider the variables and plan accordingly so you are ready to face any challenge you might encounter on the sea. First, determine the length of your trip and the number of people accompanying you. Go through even the minor possibilities such as guest allergies and medical conditions, considering that you will be far away from land and thus from any help and support. Plan your trip and stock your supplies accordingly. Finally, ponder that how you can make the journey comfortable and memorable for your guests. Delicious meals can help you achieve that. Ask your guests about their top five favorite meals, giving you an idea to prepare and stock groceries on your boat. Next, make a meal plan that you can follow through the sailing adventure. Depending on the available space, divide your ingredients into shelf-stable edibles, canned food, and what you can prepare and freeze. 
Certainly, here are some additional tips to consider when planning your sailing trip:

Think about the type of sailing experience you want to have. Are you looking for a relaxing trip, or do you want to challenge yourself and your crew with more adventurous sailing? Consider the types of weather and sea conditions you might encounter and plan accordingly.

Create a detailed itinerary for your trip, including planned stops, anchorages, and any reservations you may need to make in advance. Research the local area and identify any hazards or potential obstacles, such as shallow areas or areas with strong currents.

Consider hiring a professional skipper or crew if you are not an experienced sailor or if you want to relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about navigating and handling the boat.

Make sure to inform someone on land about your itinerary and expected return date. This way, if there is an emergency or if you do not return on time, someone will be able to take appropriate action.

Lastly, ensure that you have appropriate insurance coverage for your boat and crew. This can include liability insurance, medical insurance, and coverage for loss or damage to your vessel.

By considering these additional tips, you can create a comprehensive plan for your sailing trip and enjoy a safe, comfortable, and memorable adventure on the water.

Stock a stash

The worst thing that can happen on sailing and hiking trips is the shortage of snacks. No one likes empty bags of crackers, unfilled cookies cans, and finished chocolate wrappers. Fill stashes with pretzels, candy bars, crackers, etc. Hand them out to your guests to make their journey enjoyable. Make sure to keep a private stash for your own cabin to have a blissful moment of your favorite chocolate bar when you are watching a movie in private. 

Design your fishing plans

Sailing is almost incomplete if you are not planning fishing on the sea. Make a checklist of all the fishing gear and equipment you will need. You should have everything according to the number of people on your boat, from bucket, line, and hook to filleting knife and fish recipes. Stock your boat with soy sauce, pickled ginger, and other fixings that usually go with fish. Show fishing and cooking tutorials to your guests on YouTube so they can enjoy the entire experience of fishing and enjoying their catch. 

Keep something extra than the regulars.

If you have the budget and space, there is nothing better than a soda stream on board. A soda stream refers to the gadget that adds up carbonation to regular water. Add flavors and colors to the carbonated water and you can create your own soda drink, making it a trademark taste of your boat. Keep flat plate grills and solar cooker on the vessel so if any of your guests have a penchant for cooking meals such as pancakes and fish fillet; they can make it then and there. 

Keep your guests hydrated

Voyaging on the sea can dehydrate many, particularly if the weather is sunny. Keep lots of water stocked on your ship. Besides, ask your guests to bring their labeled water bottles that they can always keep at their sides. It will help them look after their hydration needs without losing their personal bottles and without risking contamination when people use the same vessel for drinking. 

Use some promotional tactics

It is most likely that with so much planning and preparation, your sailing trip will be a successful and memorable journey for you and your guests. In that case, bring out the entrepreneur in you. Customize your napkins, crockeries, and other utilities with your logo, so your brand image is etched in your guests’ minds. For more effect, prepare custom coffee or travel mugs to give away to your guests at the end of your trip. Organize a farewell trip to make the small gesture more meaningful and memorable for your customers. The little effort and investment will have a long-lasting effect, and your guests will surely think of their time on your boat whenever they will sit with their custom coffee mugs to drink their evening cuppa. 

The planning, organization, preparing gifts like customized coffee mugs might sound like a lot of effort and investment. However, the payoff will be more significant when your trip is successful and profitable in the end. You will get used to all the planning and effort and start enjoying the provisioning task once you notice a remarkable increase in the demand for your sailing trip. Once you start having fun organizing your sailing trip, there will be no going back and no monotony in your business operation. 

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