Taking Medical Coding to the next level with AI and Machine Learning

Accuracy in medical coding is a vital aspect in aiding clinical trial operation success. It has presented an excellent opportunity for medical coders, working hand-in-hand with AI-enhanced computer-assisted coding systems, to quickly identify and validate the correct codes. Using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced Machine Learning algorithms, AI is transforming medical coding by improving coding accuracy. In this blog, we’ll explore what this transformation means for clinical trial organizations.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is a critical process that involves assigning standardized codes to medical terms in clinical trial participant medical records, diagnoses, and procedures in order to accurately track and record a patient’s treatment data and that the research study is conducted ethically and efficiently. The medical coder will conduct searches in dictionaries (such as MedDRA, and WHO DRUG) to associate it with the right code in order to submit treatment results to regulatory authorities.

Why do you need AI-assisted Medical Coding?

Medical coders typically spend over 200 hours per month on repetitive tasks, which translates to a significant amount of time and cost. Thankfully, AI and Machine Learning are making their way into the medical coding world and are expected to improve efficiencies significantly by reducing the amount of manual labor that goes into coding patient data. . AI medical coding reduces the time to code and reduces human errors leading to a reduction in study duration and costs. All of this helps bring drugs to the market faster and enables patient well-being.

AI Medical Coding Boosts Clinical Trial Outcomes: New Study Shows High Accuracy

Benefits of AI Medical Coding

  • Increased Accuracy: AI medical coding acts as a guidance system for electronic health records (EHRs) that works at superspeed, to ultimately improve a clinician’s accuracy. It provides an idea of what codes are being generated via documentation, allowing clinical trial teams to fix their notes if the data doesn’t apply to a specific patient encounter.
  • Faster Coding: With the power of AI, companies can cut coding turnaround by days, not hours or minutes. This is owing to AI’s ability to quickly and intelligently map terms within the patient data with the right codes and provide suggestions to a coder to approve. This enables medical coders to simply accept the suggested term or choose from a list of suggested terms. Once a term has been accepted, all same terms in the study are automatically coded with the accepted term. This automation greatly reduces coding timelines.
  • Reduce Risk: AI Medical Coding is helping organizations to streamline their coding processes, reduce errors, and ensure that the proper codes are being used for each term. This reduces the risk of incorrect coding, improving data quality and study outcomes.

Future of Clinical trials AI Medical Coding

In the recent few years, AI has been the go-to when it comes to clinical record keeping. AI medical coding has paved the way for translating patients’ complex symptoms, and clinicians’ efforts to address them, into clear and unambiguous classification codes, with precision and speed.

AI can act as a strategic partner for clinical trial teams worldwide, maintaining decades of patient data and transforming trial models to best suit futuristic clinical research. Based on that, AI in clinical trials is only set to grow, especially in the realm of medical coding.

Clinion specializes in AIML technologies that are transforming the medical coding process in the clinical trials industry. To learn more on why clinical trial organizations should consider embracing this cutting-edge technology, hop onto our website now!

About Clinion

Clinion is a life sciences technology company offering innovative software solutions in
the pharmaceutical industry since 2010. Our first product, also called Clinion, is an
integrated eClinical trial platform for small and medium CROs, academic research
organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

Clinion provides EDC, RTSM, CTMS, eCOA and Document Automation Solutions in an Integrated, cloud-based eClinical platform. Clinion’s eClinical platform is one of industry’s most fully integrated clinical trial softwares.

Clinion enables users to effortlessly manage the complexities of clinical trials by sharing consistent trial data across the entire trial process leading to accelerated clinical development, increased compliance and faster go-to-market.

Our Story

Clinion is an AI-enabled eClinical Platform consisting of an Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Randomisation and Trial Supply Management (IWRS/RTSM), Patient Reported Outcomes (eCOA) and Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS).

Our Vision

We envisage Clinion to be the AI-enabled eClinical platform of choice for small and medium CROs, and academic and pharmaceutical organisations in the global market.

Our Recognitions

Clinion eCOA have been recognized as a finalist in the 2021 Citeline Awards for Best Patient-Facing Technology initiative.

Clinion AI-enabled eClinical Platform has won the prestigious 2020 HYSEA Award for the category of Best Software Product – Mature Stage.

Our Pipeline

At Clinion, we are working hard on a solid pipeline of product improvements

Predictive analytics with risk based monitoring

Predictive analytics with risk based monitoring

Our vision is to incorporate AI and automation at every step of the clinical trial process. Predictive analytics to help with patient recruitment, risk based site monitoring, adverse event management, and improved data management.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Clinion’s Mobile app (iOS and android) is in its last stage of development and it will enable our customers to deploy study eCRF on mobile phones, aiding remote study sites in capturing data offline.



Smart and automated eTMF to reduce manual labor.

Virtual clinical trials

Virtual clinical trials

Clinion’s AI-enabled eClinical Platform with EDC, RTSM, and ePRO makes it an ideal fit for conducting clinical trials remotely.

Clinion is an all-in-one AI-enabled eClinical platform for clinical trial setup and management. Providing an integrated bundle of EDC, CTMS, IWRS/RTSM, eCOA, Document Automation

Embrace Integration

Integrate Clinion Electronic Data Capture Software with Clinion CTMS, IWRS/RTSM, and ePRO/eCOA for true end-to-end support of your Study, obviating the hassles of data reconciliation while dealing with multiple eClinical solutions.


Rapid Study Start-Up

Set up your study in days instead of weeks with an easy-to-use interface and a Global Library that doesn’t require programming and enables rapid deployment.

EDC Software

Intelligent EDC Software

Our Electronic Data Capture(EDC) System uses AI and Automation to simplify Study Build, Data Capture and Clinical Data Management(CDM). With advanced features like Medical Coding Automation, External Data Load, Visit Scheduling, Bulk locks, CRF versioning as part of a standard package Clinion makes things simpler for its users.


Simplifying Data Management

Clinion EDC is an intuitive tool that simplifies Clinical data management and allows easier study setup, data capture, processing, and integration. Users can quickly build and manage studies on their own with our AI-enabled EDC System.


Pay As You Go

Clinion EDC Software is easy to sign up and use. Pay for only as much as you use and no more. All of Clinion EDC features are available for a single price.

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