Smile 2 Could Be On The Horizon As Director Parker Finn Signs New Studio Deal

Following the success of Smile, director Parker Finn has inked a first-look deal with Paramount Pictures. This means he will write, produce, and direct new horror films for the studio.

One of those movies could be a sequel to Smile, which is based on Finn’s own short film Laura Hasn’t Slept. This tale follows an emergency room therapist as she experiences supernatural torment from an entity disguised as smiling people.

Director Parker Finn Signs First-Look Deal With Paramount

Paramount Pictures recently inked a first-look deal with director Parker Finn. Last year, his film Smile made headlines and quickly went into theaters after receiving rave reviews during test screenings. The studio plans to continue developing and releasing more of Finn’s works in 2019.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Finn has inked a multi-year deal with Paramount that will see him write, direct and produce horror films for the studio. A Smile sequel is said to be one of his top priorities as the 2022 horror hit earned $217 million at the global box office this year – making it one of the biggest hits worldwide.

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Smile, based on the original short film “Laura Hasn’t Slept,” marked Finn’s feature directorial debut and marked both his professional and personal career turning points. Originally intended for release on Paramount+ streaming service, a successful test screening in Burbank changed both their trajectory and that of Finn himself; it became an instant classic and catapulted horror back into mainstream consciousness. Now Paramount wants him committed for the long haul with their next project; if it can match Smile’s success, it could add another intriguing chapter to horror canon.

Paramount’s First Look Deal With Director Parker Finn

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that Paramount is taking action to secure the future of director Parker Finn. The horror filmmaker has inked a first look deal with the studio, where he will write and direct new movies for them. One project they want him to work on is a sequel to his successful 2022 film Smile.

Originally intended for streaming on Paramount+, the horror movie ended up getting a theatrical release after test screenings were overwhelmingly positive. As a result, it became an enormous box office success, earning $217 million worldwide on a budget of just $17 million.

This is an incredible result for an indie horror flick that hasn’t even had a full cast yet. It speaks volumes about how much people loved the film, and it could signal Finn becoming a major name in this genre.

Paramount Pictures has always kept up with the horror genre, so it’s no shock that they would want to stay ahead of it. Already signing Damien Chazelle to a first look deal and now they’ve signed director Parker Finn as well. While he may not have the potential of John Carpenter or Ari Aster, we know he has enough staying power to create hits for years into the future.

Smile 2 Could Be On The Horizon

Paramount recently inked a multi-film deal with Smile director Parker Finn and are said to be developing a sequel. THR reports the studio has inked an exclusive first look deal with the writer-director to write and direct more horror films.

Smile defied all expectations to become one of the biggest horror hits in 2022, grossing over $216 million on a $17 million budget. Not only was it the first original horror movie to hold the number one position at domestic box office for two weeks straight, but it also became an influential cultural phenomenon that guided Paramount Pictures’ future strategy moving forward.

The movie follows Rose (Sosie Bacon), a psychiatrist dealing with one terrifying incident after another as she attempts to prevent a patient’s suicide. Her ex-husband Joel (Kyle Gallner) attempts to help her combat this ever-present danger by intervening.

Smile is an innovative horror movie that blends mental health with some jumpscares. It has managed to gain a dedicated fan base, and the studio hopes to continue this success with Smile 2.

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