Your studies led you, willy-nilly, to leave the family nest for a small studio. And, past the puzzle of the development, came that of its embellishment. But in a small space, what furniture and accessories should you choose? How to arrange them? How to make this accommodation look like you? All these questions stubborn you, but rest assured, you’ve come to the right place! Westwing has put together something to inspire you here. Here are 10 ideas for a successful student apartment decoration so that you can spend one or more good years there. Also discover other advice to prepare your move well and to apprehend your new beginning with peace of mind.1 room student apartment


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How to decorate a student apartment when you are a tenant?

It is not easy to decorate a studio when it is rented to an individual. Some owners rent their furnished accommodation, in which case the tenant only has to put his suitcases there (an advantage for those who only stay there for a year and do not want to invest too much in furniture and household appliances ) and focus on customizing locations.

However, whether they opt for a furnished rental or not, these landlords are not always in favor of holes in the wall, wallpaper or even colored paint. If they don’t forbid you, they can ask you to put the apartment back on the day of your departure, otherwise you risk saying goodbye to your deposit.

To bring a decorative touch to this interior that will be yours for several months in a simple and effective way, with complete peace of mind, here are our tips.

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LED Glow solar string light, 390 cm

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4 tips for a student apartment that suits you

No need to break the bank to give style to a studio. A little imagination, elbow grease and you’re done! We look ?

1. A TV stand made of wine crates

Collect the wine crates from your parents or directly from the wine store. Some professionals sell them, others give them away, you have to ask. Use assembly brackets and screws to join them securely, in height or width, according to your preferences. Make sure, however, that its dimensions correspond to the available space.

2. A bed from pallets for a bohemian style

Make a bench or even your bed from pallets. Do not go running bulky, major DIY stores sell ready-to-use pallets, for a handful of euros.
Once the parts are assembled, cover them with a mattress, futons. If it’s your bed, add delicate bed linens. Otherwise, cover it with soft, colorful but mismatched cushions.

bedside table and pallet bed

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To complete the atmosphere, place pretty old (and imposing) mirrors on the floor, small, light ones on a shelf, a table, against a wall, or fixed with fixed paste. Remember, mirrors when they reflect light enlarge the space. Or how to make your small apartment look big.

3. A comfortable and tidy space to study serenely

As a student, it is essential to have a space at home to be able to settle in properly for your studies. Do not neglect this work area because you may spend time there! So remember to invest a minimum in an ergonomic and comfortable office chair. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can opt for a folding desk. The option of working on your dining table is also possible provided that it is adapted to your size. In any case, do not neglect your seat and be organized. Your concentration and efficiency will only be enhanced. To optimize your learning, you can also use the Study Smarter applicationwhich helps you organize your studies, your schedule, create effective revision sheets and also provides you with additional resources to deepen your courses. Combine digital with a nice home office organization and you will quickly come of age. promo!

4. In a more contemporary style, dare the arty atmosphere and the kintsugi

Collect the dishes that will have suffered from the move: broken plate, chipped vase and indulge in the joys of Kintsugi (a Japanese method that sublimates damaged dishes). Epoxy resin, gold or gold powder… In a few brush strokes the chipped porcelain is embellished.

shelf with English crockery

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You have several plates with nails and plate holders, you can arrange a small wall collection or place them on racks, in a display case or on another piece of furniture.

Note: think about candles. Choose their perfume well, it could remind you of your childhood and pleasant moments. With subdued lighting, they create a warm atmosphere.

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3 stylish storage tips for organizing a student apartment on a daily basis

Smart furniture: Think of these smart pieces of furniture, those which offer several possibilities: for example a seat with integrated chest (you can place your dirty laundry there, neither seen nor known), a shoe cabinet / coat rack, all always style !

Storage boxes: The secret of a place where life is good? A good organization. Take rectangular boxes with a neat design and store all those things that you do not use daily. Stack them at the bottom of a cupboard, under the bed… If the boxes are not transparent, label them. Detail precisely what they contain, you will not have to unpack everything to find what you are looking for.

Baskets and pots: Telephone charger, computer charger, remote control… When lying around, these accessories quickly give the impression of disorder, and even more so in a small space. Group them in a pretty basket.

beige pouf with storage

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Do you want even more ideas, tips and tricks to arrange and or decorate your water feature? Your kitchenette? Subscribe to the Westwing newsletter and become a member of its private sales club, you will have access to decoration, there is something for all styles and always at reduced prices.

Furnishing a student room: example of a Westwing project

Our team of interior design experts received a request for a development project for a student bedroom. The room, rectangular, sober and bathed in light, was to accommodate 3 functions: bedroom, living room and dining room. Spatial constraints were not very strong. The challenge in this project was to manage to create 3 zones without visually partitioning the room and without cutting off the natural light. The current apartment was very white and quite empty, not very welcoming.

student apartment before development by westwing 2

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How to arrange a studio?

To structure a small space and assign it several functions, here are 5 rules to follow.

  1. Divide the spaceCreating a dining area, a relaxation area and a sleeping area in one space can seem complicated. To properly divide the space, make a plan on a sheet of floor space. Clear large areas and then pay attention to traffic between these spaces. For example, 2 large pieces of furniture, such as a bed and a sofa, should be separated by at least 70cm.
  2. Choose suitable furnitureFirst of all, choose furniture of dimensions adapted to the space which you have. A corner sofa and a King size bed will crush a small apartment. In addition to dimensions, pay attention to style. A sofa with thin metal legs will be more airy than a sofa on the floor.
  3. Choose the right colorsSmall spaces love light, bright colors. You can mix colors as long as they are found on accessories (cushions, vases, etc.) that are well associated with each other, in small touches.
  4. Use multifunctional furnitureIn order not to clutter the room, choose furniture that can perform several functions. A round pouf can be used as a seat, footstool and side table, depending on the time of day. Even better, this ottoman can also be used as storage if it has a chest. Cushions, magazines, plaids and even shoes can appear and disappear according to your desires.
  5. Clear floor spaceIn a student apartment, you may want to store a lot of small things and want to put as much furniture as possible. It’s our first space for us, outside the family home, that’s understandable! But now, in a small space, minimalism is in order. We only keep the essential furniture and free up the floor space of furniture and accessories that we can do without.
student apartment decoration

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What style to choose to decorate a small studio?

In this small studio, the style is very fresh and modern. The white walls leave plenty of room for accessories and furniture to express themselves in color. Wood and soft materials provide the necessary warmth. On the floor, large rugs delimit the spaces, while facilitating movement from one area to another.

westwing 3D project student apartment decoration - bed

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For this project, the modern style is present through furniture and accessories with simple lines. The very comfortable chairs are hoisted on thin metal legs which give lightness to the dining area, while giving it a visual identity. The high and thin golden candlesticks give height and relief to the table.

small dining room design

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The flagship products of this project

  • The Moby sofa in light grey  : classic, elegant and timeless, its legs give it an airy look that is very popular in small spaces.
  • The Dan wooden coffee table : these tables can be used alone, in pairs or as a pull-out.
  • The Seaford shelf in wood and metal  : an essential and original storage space that can also accommodate boxes to conceal certain belongings.
  • Karla marble-effect dining table  : the very designer top makes it an easy piece to accessorize. Marble goes just as well with velvet as with metal for a more industrial note.
  • The Believe handmade cushion : a touch of color par excellence, it is an essential accessory and easy to change according to your desires.

2-seater sofa with metal legs Moby

+ Other colors( 109 )

2-seater sofa with metal legs Moby

West Wing Collection

€1,399+ Other colors( 759 )Round wooden coffee table Dan, 2 elem.West Wing Collection269 ​​€+ Other colors( 509 )Industrial wood and metal shelf Seaford Zig159 €+ Other colors( 83 )Karla marble look round table, Ø 90 cmWest Wing Collection549 €

student apartment decoration

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Do you want to furnish a student apartment with style? Send your project to our team!

Interior design Westwing Studio kitchen open to living room before after

We hope that the work of our experts has inspired you for the decoration and layout of your student apartment. And if you want more ideas , contact the interior design department , our experts will be happy to help you. Your Westwing Team


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