Jegs Performance a Nationwide Online Car Parts Firm

When talking about motorsports components, Jegs is automatically thought of. JEGS’s modest roots date back more than 60 years, making it similar to the origins of many tiny firms that grew into major ones. Let’s go deeper to learn more about Jegs Performance rise in the auto parts market.

With Maker’s in-built A/B testing tools, Jegs tested and optimized the performance of more than a hundred pages, increasing conversions by an average of 90 percent. A total of 30 pages of premium content, including media-rich and responsive material for key product pages and landing pages, were published to Jegs Performance e-commerce site and eBay shop in the two months that followed.

Their print catalogue is what made Jegs famous. In 1989, they released its first catalogue, and by the following decade, they had set up line for clients to call from out of town and chat with helpful sales associates. By the early 1990s, Jegs Performance had published a full-color catalogue and was offering around-the-clock ordering for the convenience of racers who worked during the day and played at night.

The Tale of Jegs

Why do so many people rely on JEGS for high-quality auto components? To put it simply, we have created a one-stop shop for any and all gearheads, professional racers, weekend warriors, and restoration nuts who are looking to take their vehicle to the next level, by transitioning from the classic mail order catalogue to a fully-stocked digital commerce experience.

We don’t simply sell components here; we use them on the racetracks, dirt trails, and highways of the United States. We may sell auto parts, but oil, gas, smoke, horsepower, and velocity are our passions.

Gives Promo Codes for Discounts

Jegs, like many other retailers, sometimes gives promo codes for discounts on their products. With hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for coupons, and a relatively modest amount of Jegs Coupon Code produced, Jegs is among the most sought-after brands when it comes to discount offers.

Interest in and Enthusiasm for Racing

Many company entrepreneurs find their inspiration in the desire to expand the availability of a certain product or service to the general public. When Jegs founder Jeg Coughlin Sr. was a young guy in the ’50s, he was passionate about hot rods and street racing. He yearned for the day when he could outrun stock automobiles, but the availability of the aftermarket components he required slowed him to a crawl in the Midwest town where he made his home.

Components for High-Performance Upgrades

Jegs Performance racing cars were the envy of his rivals, who saw him improve their performance using mail-ordered components that sometimes take weeks or months to arrive. Jeg hoped to make it possible for locals to purchase components for high-performance upgrades, so that more people might experience the rush that comes with them.

JEGS Was Designed as a Garage and Parts Supplier

Jegs Performance speed shop first opened its doors in 1960 in Columbus, Ohio. The store’s modest 4000 square feet were an excellent starting point. Jegs Performance as built to serve as both a garage and a parts supplier. Although he spent much of his time looking for used auto parts to market at his business, he was grateful to have a space to work on his own and his friends’ vehicles. Customers started frequenting Jegs because they trusted the staff’s and owner’s suggestions since they had firsthand expertise with the components.

Family Members who Compete in Races

When the time came, Jeg’s four sons, Jeg Jr., Mike, Troy, and John, took over the company without a hitch. Although JEGS was a household brand in the hot rod community for the most part of the previous 30 years, the younger generation saw the opportunity for expansion. The company expanded into a 10,000 square foot space where they now have a showroom, customer service department and chassis assembly area.

Online Mail Order

There are certain businesses that are unable to adapt to the changing times and eventually fall behind the curve. Jegs avoided this by constructing a 225,000 square foot warehouse and company offices in Delaware, Ohio, in addition to a 10,000 square foot retail shop. In order to stay up with the faster-paced internet age, the headquarters is fairly unusual, with salesmen and a state-of-the-art internal warehouse delivery system that enables orders to get out swiftly.

Easy to Build a Personal Connection with Customers

The Jegs website highlights the company’s sales staff as a key differentiator. They can speak the talk because they have a staff of folks that utilize their components and love to wrench. Unlike with some other online retailers, whose services are impersonal and they don’t even have a physical storefront, Jegs Performance makes it easy to build a personal connection with customers. Its ultra-modern, very efficient warehouse allows them to dispatch orders quickly.

Investment Firm with a Specialty on Supply Chains

As a private equity group acquired the majority of Jegs’s shares, the company is no longer formally family-owned. Greenbriar Equity, an investment firm with a specialty on supply chains and engineering, offered to replace Jegs Performance outgoing CEO, but the company accepted an offer from a candidate with mail-order expertise.

To Further Expanding the Company

Common belief is that both Jegs and Greenbriar are committed to further expanding the company. If the Greenbriar firm lives up to its promise, Jegs will be able to continue providing the appropriate people with the correct information while another firm handles the logistics of competing in an e-Commerce-based environment.

High-Quality Marketing Material

Jegs Performance a nationwide online auto parts company, sought a less time-consuming approach to improving the quality of their web content. With over a million SKUs in use, Maker allowed the JEGS marketing team to provide responsive, high-quality content for eBay and all other sales channels. With Maker, Jegs has been able to generate high-quality marketing material for a fraction of the cost of typical development and agency expenses, while seeing an average increase in revenue of 90%.

Automotive Replacement Parts and Accessories

¬†Jegs was able to construct and publish more than 150 new product pages for their site in only four months by using Maker’s simple templates to generate and reuse product page designs. A leading provider of automotive replacement parts and accessories, Jegs Performance operates the website Jegs. In the highly competitive online vehicle replacement parts sector, Jegs offers higher-priced commodities or services.

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