How Many Family Members Can Watch Prime?

Many people watch videos online, and Amazon Prime Video is a major choice. More than a hundred million people throughout the world use this service. The streaming service provides access to thousands of movies and television shows in various languages and genres; many were created just for the service. Depending on the subscription package, a video streaming service may allow several simultaneous users to access a given account. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Video does not offer a selection of plans with varied capacities for simultaneous users. Nevertheless, a Prime Video subscription can only be used by a certain number of people simultaneously.

Amazon Prime Membership Plans

Amazon Prime customers can choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. The only distinction between the various plans is the time they are in effect. However, the yearly plan offers the greatest value for money, saving you over Rs 650 over a year, while the monthly plan offers the worst value for money. Take a peek at the structure below.

How Many Family Members Can Watch Prime?

According to the website, a single subscriber can watch three videos simultaneously. This allows up to three different persons to utilize the same account. Although up to three devices can be used simultaneously, only two can watch the same video simultaneously. Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on various gadgets, including Apple and Google mobile devices, Amazon’s Fire tablets, desktops, mobile web browsers, and more. The videos can be downloaded and viewed at a later time on Gomovies App.

Profiles of Prime Video Subscribers

Prime Video profiles provide customers access to personalized recommendations, watchlists, and season progress. Users of Prime Video can set up and switch between many profiles, each with their preferences. According to the website, a single user can create six different accounts (the principal profile, of course, and five others, which can be either adults or children). Sharing only your login information with others ensures that your suggestions and watchlist remain private.
If you know of any other apps that let you watch movies online. Then we told you about free apps like Primewire and Gomovies that you can use instead of Amazon Prime Video on your Android tablet and phone. Primewire gives you access to popular movies and TV shows from video streaming sites so that you can watch them online for free. You can also search through the archives or look through the categories.

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