Guide to getting eyelash extensions done


When it comes to lashes, the beauty industry has tried it all: hot curlers, “miracle” growth serums, magnifying mascaras, you name it. However, no fashion is more divisive as eyelash extensions. According to Grand View Research’s statistics, the eyelash extension market will increase at a 5.2% annual pace by 2025. Since eyelash extensions are becoming more well-liked among women, growth is anticipated. Eyelash extensions are becoming popular these days. Additionally, the procedure is fairly expensive, costing you hundreds of dollars and several hours of your time. But is waking up with a perfect face worth it?

In this comprehensive guide to getting the perfect eyelash extensions, we will learn everything about eyelashes, their maintenance and about the best eyelash salons in Gurgaon. Let’s get started!

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibres glued to your natural eyelashes to lengthen, fill up, and darken the appearance of your lash fringe. Using a semi-permanent glue, individual lash extensions are attached to each of your natural eyelashes (one extension per natural eyelash).

Lash extensions can be created from natural human hair or  silk, synthetic, mink, or faux-mink fibres, though the specific material utilised varies from studio to studio. To allow customers to create a unique look, most studios provide a range of extension lengths, curl patterns, and colours.

What do you consider while choosing Eyelash Extensions?

There are many materials, lengths, volumes, and curls for eyelash extensions. To achieve the best outcomes, it is essential to focus on each of these variables, as was previously stated. Eyelash extensions are typically made of natural human hair or  silk, mink, synthetic materials, and imitation mink.

Each of these materials will be discussed by your eyelash artist as they create uniquely tailored lashes for you. Before having extensions applied, you should also talk with the lash artist about the following:

  • Length of the eyelashes- The improper eyelash extension length could harm your natural lashes. They’ll also make you uneasy, and you might appear creepy. When choosing eyelash extensions, the general rule of thumb is that they should be 3 to 5 millimetres longer than your natural lashes.
  • Volume of the lashes- Volume lashes have gained popularity since 2010. People wanted their lash extensions to have more than just length and curl. Applying numerous extensions to a single lash creates volume. Every extension, though, is made to be thinner and lighter than the one before it. In this instance, the lashes are incredibly light.
  • Eyelash extension Curl type- The most natural curl is the B-curl. It works best if you have straight lashes and only need a slight lift. Choose the C-curl if you have thin natural lashes and want them to look wider and fuller. When you want a dramatic look, a D-curl is ideal. If you have straight, downward-facing lashes, hooded eyes, and single eyelids, go for the L and L+ curl.

Benefits of getting eyelash extensions

Long, black, and thick eyelashes are attractive to women everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone is endowed with that talent. You may discover images of models, celebrities, and other people with gorgeously long, thick, and fluttery eyelashes on Instagram, even when they claim to be without makeup. But how is that even possible? They have long eyelashes. Let’s find out why it makes sense to buy lash extensions. Following are some of the major benefits of getting eyelash extensions done:

  1. Instantly improves look- False eyelashes can greatly enhance your eyes right away. It makes the eyes appear bigger and more lovely, lively, and dazzling. It suggests that it is simple to have a lovely everyday appearance that complements your lifestyle.
  2. Increases your self-confidence – You draw positive attention since you look and feel terrific everywhere you go. Lengthening your eyelashes might help you look better. Numerous parks are associated with this cosmetic transformation, closely tied to self-esteem.
  3. Saves money and time – Although most people are concerned about the cost of applying fake eyelashes, they enable you to save money over time. With lash extensions, they additionally save time. You are relieved of this when you lengthen your eyelashes. It draws attention to your eyes even without any makeup.
  4. Has a long lifespan- Lash extensions can provide comfort for a long time, whereas mascara and other cosmetics need to be applied and removed daily. They shed according to the regular hair growth cycle, even though they are expensive and time-consuming to install.
  5. It’s ideal for any event, but particularly for evening dates- Your eyes are the focal point of your face and lash extensions nicely draw attention to them. It would be perfect for any event, such as a wedding or party. Additionally, it’s the ideal cosmetic addition right before your special date night with your significant other.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Cared For?

Since eyelash extensions make you stand out, it is important to take proper care of them to extend their lifespan and ensure you receive your money’s worth.

Aftercare is crucial for the first 48 hours following application to give the adhesive time to cure. Within the first 24 hours, keep an eye out for any sensitivity and itching.

If you exhibit these symptoms, you might be allergic to the adhesive used to attach the extensions. Visit a lash specialist right away. There are additional techniques to look after your natural lashes and eyelash extensions, including:

  • Stay out of the water, sweat, and hot tubs for atleast the first two days of getting eyelash extensions done. It helps the adhesive to cure perfectly around the extensions if you stay away from water, sweat, and hot tubs. The lashes will remain longer if you wait till then.
  • Do Not Rub Your Eyes. This regulation is in effect when the adhesive has not yet been set after the first 48 hours. Additionally, rubbing your eyes could spread bacteria to your lashes, infecting your eyes. To help keep the eyelash extensions in place, try to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as you can while wearing them.
  • You can brush your eyelashes with a lash brush. Since the lashes may be tangled in the morning, you will apply it especially then.
  • As previously stated, refrain from using eye cosmetics for the first 48 hours following the implantation of eyelashes. Following this, you can wear any eye makeup, including mascara. Your makeup should be oil-free and suitable for eyelash extensions.


You must take your eye size, shape, and type, as well as your eye orientation, colour, and natural lash quality, into consideration while selecting the therapy. Additionally, keep in mind your preferences and sensitivities.

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