Everything you need to know about travelling to India as a British citizen

For many UK citizens, holidaying in India is a popular destination but before they leave they must obtain the correct visa. A visa for India can be easily obtained by applying online through the official website of the Indian Embassy and can be collected from the nearest Indian Mission or Visa Application Centre. 

What is an Indian visa for UK citizens?

To begin the visa application, the prospective applicant should first register on India’s online visa application system known as ‘eVisa Facility’ and then fill in the specified details including their passport number, email address, phone number and nationality. After providing these details, the applicant will be directed to other sections of the application. This includes the selection of the type of visa, purpose of travel and port of entry. An application fee must also be paid in order to proceed and the applicant will be contacted by email once their payment has been accepted. 

How to get an Indian visa for UK citizens?

The most widely requested visa for UK citizens visiting India is the ‘Tourist Visa’. A tourist visa allows a traveler to visit India as a sightseeing tour and to stay for up to 180 days. However, a ‘Business Visa’ or ‘Employment Visa’ can also be obtained if the traveler wishes to involve in a business activity or take up employment in the country, respectively. Indian Visa for UK Citizens

Is it worth applying for an Indian visa for UK citizens?

In addition to the online application form, applicants must also submit some supporting documents. This includes a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity and two recent passport-size photographs. Documents detailing the address and contact details of where the applicant will stay in India must also be provided. Once the visa application is approved, the traveler must print out the visa and present it at the Indian airport upon arrival. 

Therefore, when planning a trip to India UK citizens should ensure that they have acquired the necessary visa that suits their purpose. The online visa application process makes it a simple process, however, it is expected that the application form is filled in meticulously and all supporting documents are supplied. Upon fulfilling these requirements and having the visa granted, the UK citizen is free to enjoy the cultural attractions of India.

What are the benefits of having an Indian visa?

Traveling to India as a British citizen means obtaining a valid visa in order to enter the country. A valid visa is a must for British citizens seeking to stay in India for more than 180 days.

For British citizens traveling to India, the type of visa they require is dependent on the purpose of their trip. The Indian government has different visa policies to accommodate the many needs of citizens coming to India, such as short-term business trips, traveling for educational purposes, and staying in India as a tourist. 

The most commonly used visa for British citizens traveling to India is the tourist visa. A tourist visa is issued for the purpose of sightseeing and leisure, with a maximum stay period in India of 60 days. To apply for a tourist visa, British citizens must provide proof of a confirmed travel ticket and an itinerary of their travel plan in India. The visa also requires a valid passport, 2 passport-sized photographs, and a valid address in India. Indian Visa for British Citizens

What are the costs associated with getting an Indian visa?

The business visa is another popular visa for British citizens wanting to travel to India for business purposes. This type of visa is valid for 3 months and is often extended to a maximum of 5 years. It is important that the applicant has a legitimate business purpose, and is able to provide evidence of this. This could be an invitation letter from an Indian business entity, or a letter from the applicant’s British place of employment confirming they will be traveling to India for business-related activities. Evidence of a confirmed travel ticket and an Indian address is required for this visa as well.

A student visa is required for British citizens traveling to India for educational purposes. This could include studying at an Indian university or taking part in a language course. The duration of this visa is 3 months, or in some cases up to 5 years, depending on the length of the course. Applicants must also provide evidence of a place of study, proof of sufficient funds to cover their studies, and a valid travel ticket and address in India.


In conclusion, it is crucial for British citizens to have the correct visa when traveling to India. The visa type required depends on the purpose of their trip, which could include tourist activities, business activities or educational activities. Evidence such as a valid passport, travel ticket, address in India, and in some cases proof of their business or educational purpose, is required in order to apply for a visa.

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