Can I Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan?

Apple is widely considered to be one of the leading smartphone makers that develop and sells premium quality products. The price of reselling an iPhone is higher than other smartphones. The closest thing closest to it is Samsung which is the closest rival and also Apple. A lot of people buy a costly iPhone like an old iPhone 12 Pro Max and later sell it off since they know that if they keep it in good shape their device can be sold for a significant amount, however, many people are wondering whether it’s a wise decision to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro Max to use as an investment.

In the next article, we’ll cover the various factors that impact the resale value of an iPhone and whether it’s appropriate to purchase a New iPhone 14 Pro Max and then sell it. The subjects we’ll discuss in this article include:

  • What factors affect the cost of an iPhone
  • Should you purchase iPhone 14 Pro Max as an investment?

What better way to begin than by looking at the elements that impact the cost of the iPhone?

What Things Affect the Price of an iPhone

If you’re from Pakistan you may have noticed that prices for all iPhones are quite expensive. If you purchase an iPhone whether used or not, such as a used iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll get almost the identical price (or more according to certain conditions). You may be thinking, “Why is that?” Actually, there are a variety of variables in play that could make the cost of a used iPhone extremely high. These are the factors:

  • Imported Product: Nearly all of the mobile phones in use today are manufactured in Pakistan or imported from different countries. the iPhone is in the second category. This is the reason why the price for the iPhone is higher than other phones the fact that the phones must be imported.
  • PTA tax for approval: In terms of taxes one of the most well-acknowledged taxes that you will find on your Apple iPhone includes PTA tax. If you’ve not paid this tax, then after a couple of months you’ll be unable be able to call or make text messages through the sim. If you’re planning to upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro Max, then you must be granted PTA approval as it will influence the total cost.
  • The device is not working properly this issue not just is affecting iPhones but also other devices that are highly sought-after. When there are more customers for an item than the manufacturer will be able to supply, then there is a shortage that directly affects the cost of the device. An excellent example is the time when there was a restriction on imports of products in Pakistan. Every single item including utilized iPhone prices soared to the point that you can’t believe it. It’s because there was an oversupply of iPhones available on the market.
  • Dollar Rate: A different factor that can affect the total cost of the telephone is its rate in dollars since it is constantly changing. Those who are freelancers that work with mostly foreign customers and you’re aware of what I’m talking about. The cost of USD is constantly fluctuating in Pakistan and directly affects the price of imported goods. The price of the iPhone does not remain the same as you can get two different prices in one day.

Should You Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max as an Investment

There’s a chance that you’ve been told by the advice of your friends they say that “You should buy iPhone 14 Pro Max and then resale it because it’s a good investment,” and in some ways this is true. I’ve known individuals (some among them friends) who purchased expensive iPhones, including a used iPhone 12 Pro Max then later sold it for more than they paid for it.

But I do think it was luck, as at the time the import ban was beginning to be implemented, and prices began to increase. So, they received higher prices than they would be able to get with an approved PTA iPhone 12 Pro Max but do not think I’m being naive. I believe that when you’re iPhone has been in excellent working order it will fetch a decent price when you sell it. If we go back to an iPhone 14 Pro Max, I believe it could be an excellent investment to purchase an updated iPhone 14 Pro Max within Pakistan since from what I’ve seen the costs of the iPhone aren’t going down.

There’s a possibility that you’ve been advised by the counsel of your friends they say that “You should purchase iPhone 14 Pro Max and then resell it since it’s a fantastic investment,” and in some respects this is correct. I’ve met people (some among them friends) who acquired pricey iPhones.

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