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Are you in some retail business offering average-quality shopping bags for carrying brand products?  You must utilize mylar bags from onwards.  Mylar bags have replaced the old method of storing products in traditional bags and pouches. Today, custom printed mylar bags are in fashion. People use mylar bags to store a wide range of products. They have great demand in each industry. These are used to pack luxurious jewelry items, apparel products, shoes, pharmaceutical objects, cannabis products, and grocery products like food, spices, herbs, etc. There is an unending product list. You can contact us at iCustomBoxes. We offer a plethora of personalized solutions for a bespoke mylar box. You can customize the mylar bag in whatever size, color, material, and prints you need.

One of such products that may be used numerous times is mylar bags. Once you’ve used the bags for buying, you may use them again to store health and beauty products. The bag’s material will determine how long it will last. It could degrade after the first usage if made with durable materials. Kraft and cardboard paper are used to create our custom printed mylar bags since they are strong, environmentally safe materials. The benefits of this material include lower costs and a lack of airborne emissions of hazardous chemicals. If you want to give your bags an organic appearance, choose kraft brown paper. Paper made of cardboard is resistant to moisture, solar heat, and other abrasions. cardboard paper with vibrant patterns, decorations, and additions may also be easily laminated.

Personalize A Bespoke Mylar Bag with Our Designer’s Assistance

Do you want to customize the mylar bag as you claim? No need to go anywhere. Our packaging creators are skilled enough to craft a custom mylar bag following your specifications. Whether you need help with the bag design or are confused about material selection. We have got your back. We offer free design assistance and guidance regarding bag size, prints, add-ons, etc.  

Select the Size of the Bag Following the Product’s Requirements:

Do you think that mylar bags come in standardized sizes? This is a wrong notion. You can buy our custom mylar bags, available in all sizes. Whether you need it in grams or pounds, we cover all dimensions. Share your instructions with our team; they will come with the exact bag. Additionally, you can design the box’s upper and bottom loadings.

Use of Recyclable and Sustainable Material for Mylar Bags:

Mylar bags are one of those articles that can be reused for multiple purposes. Once you have used bags for groceries, you can use them for storing pharmaceutical or beauty items next time.  The durability of the bag depends on its material. If constructed with feasible material, it could expire after first use.  Our custom printed mylar bags are manufactured with long-lasting, climate-friendly kraft and cardboard paper. The plus point about this material is that they cost less and do not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. You can go for kraft brown paper to give an organic look to bags. Cardboard paper is endurable to moisture, sun heat and scratches, etc. moreover, you can laminate cardboard paper with colorful prints, embellishments, and add-ons effortlessly. 

Add Value to Brand with Printed Mylar Bags:

Besides providing safe storage to the items, printed mylar bags wholesale can be the cheapest and most effective strategy for the brand’s promotion. You can print the logo image and information related to your company. The striking color prints and logo design can get imprinted in the buyer’s mind. as a result; they will keep revisiting your store for shopping. Offset and digital printing are applicable on both kraft and cardboard paper. 

The Accomplishment of Mylar Bags with Incredible Add-Ons:

The use of add-ons can add more value to mylar bags.  We suggest adding a window die-cut in the bag to enhance the visibility of the inside items.  Our experts can design die-cuts in any form and size, following your demand. Moreover, you can add hang tabs on a kraft mylar bag. You can hang out and assist in swinging and carrying mylar bags.

Create an Impressive Mylar Bag with Striking Laminations:

The primary use of laminations and finishings is to add strength and fineness to the bags. Our coating options involve the following:

  • Gloss Lamination 
  • Matt Lamination 
  • Aqueous coating 
  • Spot UV

The gloss finish adds glare to prints and gives a very gleaming texture. In contrast to gloss, matt provides a softness and velvety touch and adds elegance. You can coat the whole bag with aqueous for a soft and satin texture. And prominent a specific design or logo image with spot UV.

Main Advantages of Custom Printed Mylar Boxes:

You will wonder what is special about these bags that have made them the first choice of customers and brands.  These are some key features of mylar boxes wholesale:

  1. These are moisture resistant and enhance the life span of the products. They keep food products fresh for an extended time. 
  2. These are customized with non-toxic substances and have no harmful effects on products.
  3. These are made with 100% eco-friendly material and are prone to recycling and reusing.
  4. Lastly, they are odor resistant and retain the real aroma of cannabis and many other food products. 

Why Choose Us? 

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • No plates and die-cut charges
  • Instant quote facility 
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Free of cost plates and die-cuts
  • Digital mock-ups without any cost
  • Live chat facility 
  • Free design support

Mylar bags with printing can boost brand value:

In addition to offering secure storage for the contents, printed mylar bags wholesale may be the least expensive and most efficient method for promoting the business. You may print your company’s details and logo picture. The buyer’s thoughts may be permanently impressed by the vibrant color printing and logo design. they’ll continue to shop at your store as a consequence. Both offset printing and digital printing may be used on cardboard and kraft paper.

The Success of Mylar Bags with Amazing Add-Ons

Mylar bags may be given greater value by using add-ons. To make the contents of the bag more visible, we advise adding a window die-cut. Our specialists can create die-cuts in any shape and

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