Actionable Tips to Improve Your Google My Business

Every company out there wants to rank higher on search engines like Google. How can you ensure the relevant people see you when it comes to local search results and the Map Pack?

If you want your local company to be discovered by interested searchers and turned into paying clients, you need to optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. Here are several ways to acquire some fast cash without going into debt.

Google’s Local Ranking: How Does It Work?

Many elements are used in Google’s algorithm to determine search engine rankings. Suppose you want to improve your local ranking by highlighting customer reviews, showing up in relevant searches to potential consumers or stepping up your digital marketing game. In that case, you need to know how Google calculates local rankings. To rank websites, Google primarily considers the following three criteria:

Relevance: Just how well does your company fit the keywords? To what extent does it satisfy the needs of the buyer? If this is the case, your company’s name and other details will appear in relevant local searches.

Linking your Google My Business page to Google Maps might help you attract clients seeking a company near them. Potential new clients may discover you. Plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning companies, among others, may benefit greatly from this tactic.

Sign Up For A Google My Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is not the same as a Google My Business account, and this is the first thing to remember. In other words, the latter is what you need to access and make the most of the former.

Hence, if you want to implement the changes recommended in this article, you’ll need a Google My Business account and instruct Google to link it to your Google Business Profile. Visit and login in with the same Google or Gmail account you use for your company to establish an account (as opposed to your personal Gmail, if you have one).

Promote Evaluations

To increase your GBP, reviews are a great tool. They are completely free to use and may significantly affect your company’s visibility to people using search engines. If you have never hired a general contractor, consider narrowing down a huge pool of candidates.

Without independent verification of important details like pricing and product quality, you cannot know whether the statements provided on a contractor’s website are true. Positive reviews in GBP can help your site rank higher in relevant local results. If people searching for local contractors come across your company’s profile and find a majority of evaluations in the four- to the five-star range, they will be more inclined to hire you.

Check It Out

The first step in implementing our Google My Business recommendations is verifying your account. Visit to learn more. Next, hit the “Get Going” button. To continue, provide your company’s name.

A few more inquiries will be sent in your direction. You will be asked for contact details, including a website or phone number, where you’re situated, whether or not you provide delivery, what kind of company you run, and what areas you serve.

Next, you will be asked whether you wish to validate your company. Many approaches exist for achieving this goal. Several methods are available, including quick verification, email, phone, and postal mail.

A verification code is delivered to your phone, email, or other device and must be entered. While Instant is the quickest option, it needs access to Google’s Search Console. For nothing (in this case). The quickest are email and telephone, then the somewhat slower postcard. If your company has several locations, you should use bulk verification.

Stay Away From Spam

Google is now perceptive enough to detect manipulation attempts, such as automated content generation, gateway sites, and keyword stuffing. The Sterling (GBP) is subject to the same considerations. Given that Google built this technology, you would not expect them to overlook unethical practices like bribing users to publish favourable ratings.

Google and the review above aggregators do as well. You cannot fool them with bogus five-star reviews on questionable websites because they know when you have paid for them. Indeed, review sites can spot fake feedback, marking yours as a suspect.

Once a user clicks the flag, a warning window will appear before they can access any of your sites. Incentives, such as future discounts, might be offered to customers in exchange for honest evaluations written in GBP. If you do this, it might hurt your internet reputation.

Choose A Group

Get discovered when you’re out there exploring. A massive 84% of all views of Google Business Profiles result from “discovery searches” (when the user searches for a product, service, or category and the company profile appears). In comparison, just 16% result from “direct searches” (the consumer typed in the business name or address). This is particularly the case for service providers whose names do not immediately convey what they do (like “Fresh Express” or “Amelia’s Catering”).

Focus on details that are unique to each group. When you choose a category, Google provides tools designed to boost your profile’s visibility and effectiveness in that field. Hairstylists may verify their familiarity with thinning or curly hair, restaurants can post their menus online, and hotel pages can display guest reviews. These specifics may sway customers in your favour.

Create Google Blog Posts and Upload Them

The last step is to add Google Posts. To attract the interest of searchers, this is a great strategy. Promotional content like “What’s New,” “Special Events,” “Offers and Discounts,” and “New Items” may all be found in Google’s Posts section.

A call to action (CTA) may also facilitate the desired action, such as a consumer calling your company to book an appointment or meeting.


Your Google My Business strategy, like any other SEO Company Australia strategy, should focus on providing as much high-quality information as possible about your business to Google, both in your Business Profile and in the sources that Google uses to populate it, such as your website, review site profiles, and social media accounts.

Although it is impossible to know every ranking factor, we know that they all work together to help users find the most relevant and trustworthy businesses online. Use the tools in the Google My Business dashboard to create a Business Profile that correctly and completely represents your company, and then keep it that way.

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