7 Ways to Protect Smartphone from Water Damages

8 Ways to Protect Smartphones from Water Damages

Want to take care of your smartphone? But didn’t have any ideas about the way. Then this platform guides you on how to do so. Phone lovers and users always take care of their phones like their babies, such as keeping in a secure place and covering them with a hard protector on the front and backside. This extra care and protection are only for the safety of their smartphone.

 But here, the question arises of where to buy all protective items for the safety and care of our expensive phones. You may stop near many shops, but the risk of low quality and high price accessories didn’t allow you to make a purchase. Then be calm. You are not alone Tech21 vast collection of intelligent electronic device accessories keeps your smartphones away from all dirt and dangerous particles that may reduce the working capacity of your phone.

At this marketplace, you will find a variety of innovative impact-resistant materials and designs in cases for devices, including iPads, MacBooks, and Airpods. In addition, all types of accessories you find are durable, shock-proof and rugged, promising to protect your phone. All these protective accessories come under a deal price if you redeem Tech21 Discount Code while checking out.

In this article, we are here to share some essential tips that guide you on how to protect your smartphone, have a look to learn:

Use Ziplock Bag

Keep an electronic device in a safe place in the right way to protect it from several damages. But when you keep your phone alone. You didn’t know who was used in your absence. It’s your phone; you have to take care of it. Whether you join any party or plan to take the perks of an adventure trip, you must carry your phone. Covering a phone with a waterproof zip lock is the cheapest solution. In addition, many silica pouches come with a zip-lock feature. With these features, you will quickly secure your phone from getting wet and prevent excess moisture from accumulating.

Buy Balloon Cases

A balloon case is another way to protect any phone. In the chance of certain rain and weather changes, that is not good to keep phones in hand. Then we did this trick.

Use a balloon to protect your smartphone from rainwater.

Insert your smartphone carefully inside the balloon.

Inflate the balloon when you are inserting your smartphone for extra protection (without popping it)

 In this way, your phone remains in a safe place during your outdoor working period, and you don’t need to make your phone repair and tell the reason that the phone is not working.

IP68 Certification of Your Smartphone

Recently, most manufacturers have provided a fantastic smartphone service for extra protection. This guarantee is given in the form of certification. After getting certificates, shoppers enjoy dust protection and resistance to water immersion.

Besides, according to research, not all IP certifications are the same. These two digits accompanying IP shows that the device is resistant to specific water and dust condition.

Invest In Waterproof Cases

At this moment, there are many cases available in the market. But shoppers like to invest in fancy ones. So while shopping online or offline, they didn’t consider learning the basics of using cover. And go with a fancy one. And at the end suffer from the specific damage to their smartphone due to less protection and care. For this, I recommend you purchase fancy plus waterproof cases. These cases are designed to keep water away from your precious phone and shield your phone from any contact with water.

Protect Smartphone Screen

Even if your phone currently has a screen protector, you can easily keep it secure while visiting locations where there will be a lot of water splashing around by updating it to a waterproof screen protector. Spending less time fretting over the water stains and drops on your screen will give you more time to take in the scenery. In addition, you’ll be protected from all sides if you use a waterproof screen protector in conjunction with a waterproof phone case.

Protect With Tempered Glass

A long-lasting and durable glass is best for your smartphone in heavy rain. This multi-layer screen protector is five times stronger than regular glass. In addition, these glasses are first headed and cooled using thermal and chemical technology. The most significant benefit of using tempered glass is that the material is thicker and stronger than your smartphone screen, providing extra resistance against fingerprints, scratches and shock.

Be Careful How You Put It Away

Ladies, don’t put your keys in the same place as your phone unless you have a very effective case or screen protector. Boys, avoid keeping your phone and keys in the same pocket. If you’ve ever had a scratch in the middle of an area where you need to swipe, you know that key scratches (and other scratches) can seriously impair your touchscreen experience. While in use, do not place the phone in dangerous locations such as balcony railings. This involves the phone falling apart. Keep it out of harm’s way so that it will survive until you’re ready to upgrade. 

Save Your Water Damage Phone With Rice.

Gently shake the phone to remove any water from under the headphone jack, charging port, or physical buttons. Then wipe the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth, toilet paper, or paper napkin to remove any moisture on the outside. This is one of the most used and well-known techniques. Next, fill an airtight container or ziplock bag with uncooked rice. Put your phone in the rice, zip locks the bag/container tightly, and store it in a dry place. Leave the phone in rice for at least 24-48 hours. Ideally, don’t try to pull out the phone to see if it’s working. The phone should work again if the water damage isn’t too significant. 

Final Verdict

With these tips and tricks, you will enjoy your smartphone for a long time. All these safety accessories are specially made to fit your device and protect them against dust, dumps and drops & keep your smartphone away from the risk of water damage.

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