10 Strategy Games With The Most Replayability

When these games are on the market, there is no time for a strategic mind to rest.

We love games that make us think, but it’s hard to find a good tactic game because once you beat it too many times, you get bored and move on. Even with co-op features, guides can help you beat some games faster over time, even if they have co-op features.

Being almost a god in a game can get old after a while. Just to change the meta, adding new challenges, lands, and factions are great ways to make a game more balanced. But what makes a tactics game worth playing again isn’t just new content; it’s also how the difficulty changes and how unpredictable the game is.

Age Of Empires 4

Age Of Empires 4 Strategy Games

Age of Empires 4 is a good game to play again now that it has been added to. If you haven’t played it yet, you can still do so now. This game takes you back to the early Middle Ages, where you can choose from different civilizations to start with.

Even if you don’t finish the story, you can test your skills against other players in the multiplayer mode. If you don’t want to make friends, or in this case, enemies, you can play against an AI and beat them with your civilization. You can play with up to seven other people if you want to play against other people. Even without the expansions, that will give you enough to play over and over again.


You don’t care about countries, states, or even made-up kingdoms from the past. You want something from another planet to plot against, because humans are no longer fun to conquer. XCOM 2‘s replay value comes from how hard it is, since the game will try to kill you at almost every turn.

This game is worth playing again and again if you like to see how your troops grow and fight against alien creatures with strange powers. With the DLC expansions for this game, it’s also safe to say that you won’t run out of things to do for a long time.


If you like Norse Myth or just finished playing Civilization 6 or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you should give Northgard a try. As the Viking clan you’ve chosen, you end up on the mysterious island of Northgard. Whether it’s the weather or the creatures that look like they might be dead, the land is full of dangers.

Even after you finish the main story, you can still play as a different clan and see how things turn out differently. There is also a multiplayer mode with three ways to play. You can play against AI, join a team, or go for a free-for-all where diplomacy doesn’t matter.

Civilization 6

Speaking of Civilization 6, it’s well-known that you can play it over and over again. If forever isn’t long enough, you might still be playing it in the afterlife, since you can explore and beat the game with an infinite number of nations. But the fun part isn’t just beating the game; it’s going through the different stories that makes the game fun to play again and again.

If it weren’t for the story, the game’s skill cap would stop you in your tracks. Some civilizations are easier to play than others, and if you want a challenge, you can play some that are known for being hard.

Hearts Of Iron 4

People like Hearts of Iron 4 because it is hard and takes a long time to play. Since World War II was a big part of how modern history changed, you don’t have to guess what it would be like to be in charge during that time. With this game, you can be in charge and decide what happens.

Hearts of Iron 4 has eight DLC add-ons that will work you to the bone and make it easy to play again and again. But putting DLCs aside, the game’s difficulty will be a learning curve you’ll have to get over, which will take you a lot of time on its own. On average, it takes 520 hours to finish the game, but people who are good at it play it over and over again for thousands of hours.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

You won’t be able to see all of Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘s different endings because of the different paths you can take. The house you choose can also change how you fight, so if you play the game again, you will learn a new way to fight.

If you’re worried about playing this game too much and getting tired of it because it’s hard, even that can be changed to a more relaxed pace, which some fans like because they can start over with a new house. If you want to see how good you are at the game, you could try going through the same routes on a harder mode.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn

The classic game was brought back to life by Tactics Ogre: Reborn, and it’s here to stay because you’ll have to put in a lot of time to play it. It’s also not hard to beat because that’s just one of many possible endings in the game, and every choice you make changes your path. If you don’t want to start over, there are still things to do after the game is over.

A game that takes this long to finish is surprisingly fun to play through again just to see what would happen if you made different choices in Denam’s story. Have fun building all over again; at least this time you’ll know what a good and efficient party looks like.

Total War: Medieval 2

Players spend hundreds of hours on the Total War games because they can play them over and over again. But Total War: Medieval 2 is a game that the community says is a classic. Medieval 2 is a must-play for fans of the Total War series, and it also has a lot of ways to play it again and again.

8 Ball Pool game takes you back to the Middle Ages in Europe and lets you try to take it over. As with most political simulations, a lot can get out of hand in the game, so it’s important to figure out what to do first. You can always come back to this game for a new challenge or a sense of nostalgia, whether you’re building and running cities or going on a crusade with the Catholic church.

Total War: Empire

Total War: Empire puts you in the 18th century, when the Enlightenment Age was at its peak. The world is changing quickly, and you can steer it in any direction you want with your political knowledge, diplomatic skills, and military power. This game can be played more than once because the map is so big. There are 11 playable countries and 50 different factions.

Each country has its own pros and cons. These can come in the form of domestic stability, colonial power, or even trading ties with other countries. Aside from the playable countries, the ways you can gain and keep power, like espionage, naval battles, and a lot more, are a lot of fun.

Europa Universalis 4

People who like strategy games spend a lot of time on Europa Universalis 4 because it’s hard to get bored of. With 345 achievements, 18 DLC expansions, and an average of 2,000 hours to finish, it’s easy to see why this game seems like there’s always something to do.

But even if you don’t want to complete the game, the 500 nations you can choose from to begin with might keep you busy on your way to world dominance. You can keep going through the main story, but you’ll start from different places and make different choices each time.

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